• Welcome To Bulk Storage Terminals
    Here at Bulk Storage Terminals (BST) help is at hand. We will take care of
    all bulk liquid storage needs. With 40 years of experience in the bulk
    storage industry and facilities in four North Island locations we can handle a
    wide variety of products. Whether you need advice moving into bulk for the
    first time, want to change your existing storage arrangements or have a
    new product to store, we have all the experience at hand to help you

    About us

    Bulk Storage Terminals (BST) is a bulk liquid warehousing and logistics operation that has been in business with its tank farm on Totara Street for over 40 years.Today, it also operates
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    Storage Locations

    Auckland BST Auckland is compliant to handle wide range of products including Class 8 (corrosives), Class 3 (flammables), Vegetable Oils and Tallow. Read more» Mt Maunganui Bulk Storage Terminals Limited…[Read More…]


    Bulk Storage Terminals is committed to providing service that will consistently meet or exceed your expectations. Our customers include some of the largest importers and exporters of bulk liquids in…[Read More…]