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    BST Mt Maunganui Terminal – another great location …

    Bulk Storage Terminals Limited (BST) in Mt Maunganui is ideally located to service the prosperous regions of the Bay of Plenty and Waikato. It is also the location of Head Office.Situated right beside the Port of Tauranga the terminal is well placed to receive bulk liquids. BST has the widest variety of types and classes of liquid products of any terminal in the North Island. This means that the BST team at Mount Maunganui has the knowledge and experience to take care of your liquid bulk storage needs, whatever type of liquid you are looking to store.

    The Mt Maunganui terminal has three wharf pipelines which can operate independently. This allows BST to export and import products simultaneously. The capability is important as all bulk liquid tanker ships have a requirement for minimum down time at ports. The tanker ship “parcel” sizes being delivered range from 100 to 6,000 m3 (1 m3 = 1,000 litres).

    Recent projects completed at the terminal have brought the number of storage tanks up to 29. These range in size from 100,000 to 2.780 million litres in capacity. They are a mix of both heated and unheated storage allowing for “ambient” and “hot” storage capability. Different “Bunded” areas cater for non-hazardous (vegetable oils, Tallow), Class 3 (Avgas, Ethanol) and Class 8 (Acids and Alkalis) liquids. BST’s on site fire fighting infrastructure is currently one of the best in the port area.

    In tune with BST’s vision of providing “innovative solutions”, three of our customers at Mt Maunganui are connected to our site via direct pipeline to their businesses. In the ever increasing congestion of the roadways around the port area, this reduces the risk and cost of carrying product via road transport over short distances.

    The Mt Maunganui terminal also has room for expansion. If a specific storage solution is not currently available at our facility, BST have the capital and expertise to build customised facilities.

    BST are specialists in providing business certainty in our customers supply chain. This is demonstrated by long term partnership spanning up to 40 years.

    Aaron Dohnt
    Terminal Manager

    Ph: 07 575 2019

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