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    Bulk Storage Terminals is committed to providing service that will consistently meet or exceed your expectations.

    Our customers include some of the largest importers and exporters of bulk liquids in Australasia. Bulk Storage Terminals has the land area and intent to invest in any of its four terminal locations and aim to provide certainty to your business. The combined knowledge and expertise of our operations and managerial staff ensure that we are capable of meeting the most challenging of storage and handling requirements.

    Currently Bulk Storage Terminals has tanks ranging in size from 50,000 litres to 3,000,000 litres. The tanks are constructed of stainless steel, mild steel and epoxy-lined mild steel. All of our “ship to shore” pipelines, ranging from 100 mm to 200 mm in diameter, are constructed of stainless steel. The range of products stored goes from “non-hazardous” vegetable oils to “Class 3” flammables. Planning, preparation, logistics, transport and shipping liaison are all things Bulk Storage Terminals can assist you with.

    Work is continually being undertaken to develop additional services aimed at increasing the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the packages that are offered to our customers. Add to this our commitment to maintaining the integrity of your product whilst in our care, and we can provide a package for you which removes all the stress and hassle out of storing your bulk liquid.