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    BST provide storage facilities and distribution solutions for bulk liquids being exported and imported into New Zealand and then distributed to the local market.   We provide a range of services to customers in the chemical, fuels, ethanol, vegetable oils and animal fats industry such as:

    • Storage of bulk liquids
    • The transfer of bulk liquids products to and from ships by pipeline
    • Pipeline transfer of product straight to local manufacturing
    • Site to site pipeline transfers
    • The loading and discharge of road tanker trucks
    • Filling and labelling of 200 litre drums, pallecons, IBC
    • Filling and labelling of ISO tanks
    • Mixing of bulk liquid products as per requirement
    • Drum storage

    BST are compliant to handle and store a wide range of products from highly corrosive chemicals to refined oils, fuels and tallow.

    Our customers are highly valued and BST are continually striving to exceed their expectations by offering bulk liquid storage services that surpass our contractual KPI requirements by demonstrating proactive risk mitigation initiatives that aims to prevent safety issues, product contamination, spill and loss of product.

    BST are committed to capturing all growth opportunities aligned with our strategic goals.